Optimized shape for kneading and preparation

The rounded bottom of the item supports a smooth preparation of tea without interfering with the movement of the matcha whisk. It ensures the same comfort when preparing regular matcha as well as when kneading thick drip for a matcha latte.

The perfect rim for pouring

The most distinctive feature of the lipped matcha bowl is the rim. This exquisitely curved rim not only makes pouring easy, but also allows the liquid to return to the inside of the bowl during tea preparation. This prevents spilling even when pouring vigorously and keeps a stable form.

"Re-stone," a material that combines tradition and craftsmanship

The lipped matcha bowl is made of "Listone," a material close to the original texture of clay. It is strong enough to withstand the demands of commercial tableware while keeping the atmosphere of traditional matcha bowls. Being safe in the dishwasher, the item is suitable for frequent use in stores.

Sencha colors your daily life

ORIGAMI Tea also offers a selection of utensils to enhance the taste of sencha.
We make your daily tea break more enjoyable and relaxing.