Terms of Service

This page stipulates the terms and conditions that apply when a customer purchases a product on this site of KAI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").
These terms of use apply to the purchase of products, so please read the contents carefully before placing an order.

About confirmation of contents after ordering

After completing your order, we will send you an order completion email. Please make sure that your order is correct. If you do not receive the e-mail, it is possible that the registered e-mail address is incorrect or that it is in the "Junk E-mail Folder".

* If you have specified a domain, please set so that you can receive "k-aijp.com".

Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Cancellation or change of order details for reasons attributable to the customer

We do not accept changes to the order details (product, color, quantity, payment method, delivery address, etc.) after the order is confirmed.
If you wish to change it, please cancel your order and place your order again.

Customers who have registered an account with ORIGAMI EC can apply for cancellation on the account page only before shipping.
If you do not have an account, you can cancel it from the account page after creating an account.

Create an account
Account – ORIGAMI EC site (origami-kai.com)

Automatic order cancellation

To prevent fraudulent use, orders that are deemed by our e-commerce system to have a high risk of fraudulent use will be automatically cancelled.
If your order has been automatically cancelled after completion, please contact toshop-origami@k-aijp.com

Ordering using a forwarding service company,
About receiving goods on behalf of a third party

When a customer delivers a product overseas using a forwarding service company, etc., we will deal with any trouble (damage, defect, loss, etc.) that occurred before the product was shipped from us and received by the customer overseas. We are not responsible.
You are solely responsible for orders made using the forwarding service company.We will not respond to tracking of delivery status, inquiries in case of loss, refund of damaged items, etc.
In addition, we are not responsible for delivery troubles caused by the proxy receipt of goods by a third party.

Refusal to Receive Goods after Shipment

If an order is shipped from our company to a customer's address and then returned to our company for some reason, such as refusal of receipt by the customer or a mistake in the address entered by the customer, we will not cancel the order (refund the cost of the merchandise and shipping charges). If you wish to have your order reshipped, you will be responsible for the actual shipping costs of returning the item to us and reshipping it, even if shipping is free of charge. (Bank transfer or PayPal) In case of refusal to receive or cancellation after shipment, the actual cost of return shipping and COD fee will be charged to the purchaser (even in the case of free shipping). In the case of cancellation or refusal to receive after shipment, if the situation is deemed malicious, we will refuse any future transactions. Please understand this in advance.

About wrapping and bundling

Please note that we do not accept wrapping packaging or bundled shipping by adding an order.

About payment amount

The total payment will be the product price (tax included) + consumption tax + shipping fee (tax included).

About payment method

You can choose from bank transfer, on-account transaction, cash on delivery, credit card, and PayPal.

About payment by credit card

・Settlement fee: Free

Credit card receipts cannot be issued. Please check the usage details of the card company.
* Data is encrypted by SSL communication.

About cash on delivery

It is a payment method only for domestic shipping customers.
Please pay the price directly to the delivery person when the item is delivered. Payment will only be in cash when the item arrives.

・Cash on delivery fee: Free
・Cash on delivery company: Seino Transportation Co., Ltd.

About bank transfer

It is a payment method only for domestic shipping customers.
Transfer deadline: Within 3 days from application
When making a transfer, please make sure that the name of the orderer and the name of the transfer are the same.If there is no transfer for one week from the date of order, it will be canceled automatically.

Issuance of receipts

It depends on the payment method. Please check the following.

・Cash on delivery
We will replace the receipt with the cash on delivery receipt issued by the delivery company on the invoice slip.

・Credit card
We will replace the receipt with the usage statement issued by the credit card company contracted with the customer.

※If you would like a separate receipt, please enter the address and proviso along with "receipt request" in the remarks column when ordering.
We will send the PDF data to the registered e-mail address.

※We do not mail only receipts.