Spread delicious coffee all over the world.

fresh cup in the morning. A regular cup after a meal. A relaxing cup during the break. An exciting cup in a foreign land. A supreme cup born at a competition. A familiar cup served in a familiar cafe. A precious cup to enjoy a moment with your loved one.

A cup of coffee enriches everyday life, connects people, and opens the door to a new world.

Spread delicious coffee all over the world.
This is the concept of ORIGAMI based on baristas' wishes.

Provide only professional products

Functionality that supports the barista's works

Functionality that supports the barista's works
ORIGAMI aims to offer tools truly practical for baristas. We realize all tools, which are easy to handle and sturdy, bring additional value to a cup of coffee, and match the shop’s environment.

Color variations to match the shop’s environment

Color variations to match the shop’s environment
The extensive series and color variations are one of the ORIGAMI's advantages. You will enjoy choosing and surely find a product that fits perfectly with your shop with any concept.

Stable quality that continues to be chosen by professionals

Stable quality that continues to be chosen by professionals
ORIGAMI is manufactured in Mino, Gifu, which is one of the largest areas of ceramic manufacturing in Japan. The fusion of handicrafts by skilled craftsmen and the equipment using the latest technology makes it possible to provide products with stable high-quality.

Direct customer support that can be ensured due to the integrated manufacturing and sales

The products made by pottery manufacturers are generally distributed to customers through a number of wholesalers and retailers.
ORIGAMI has realized integrated manufacturing and sales by strongly cooperating with its group company, Koyo Toki.
We can flexibly respond to various requests from customers such as small-lot orders and custom orders.



Meet every need Order cooperation with production line
The orders are immediately shared with the manufacturer after received by ORIGAMI, and the production line in the factory starts operating seamlessly. We can respond to small-lot orders from small shops, quick delivery, and large-lot orders in anticipation of introduction to multiple shops or global expansion. Please feel free to contact us.

Enhance brand image Name printing and packaging

Enhance brand image
Name printing and packaging
Unified interior design is an important factor in enhancing the brand image for shops. Just a cup would be nice with the shop's unique features. ORIGAMI supports cup-making optimal for the brand of each shop, such as putting a logo on the cup and creating a package.

Pursue the best cup
Custom order
Coffee cups are important hardware for baristas that even affect the taste of coffee. If you would like to add detailed features to your cup to make your ideal coffee, please contact ORIGAMI. The staff will visit you to make your ideal cup


Each piece is delivered from "Mino"

Located in the Tono region of Gifu prefecture,Mino is a major base for ceramic production in Japan.
The place is blessed with rich nature, with good quality soil and skilled potters.
Ceramics born here are called "Mino ware " and these account for about 60% of domestic ceramics.
This place with a history of more than 400 years of craftmanship is the birthplace of ORIGAMI,which is now available to coffee lovers in Japan and world wide.

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