September 26, 2023 Event Report

On September 26, 2023, the first official event of the ORIGAMI CUP, which has been held in many countries around the world and has gradually spread, was held at Little Darling Coffee Roasters in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.
The rules are to use ORIGAMI drippers and designated coffee beans.

In this competition, professional baristas and home brewers alike, regardless of skill, competed to see who could brew the best coffee using the ORIGAMI Dripper.
Competition Rules:

【Designation】 ORIGAMI Dripper, coffee beans, water

【Can be brought in】Grinder (manual)

【Equipment provided】ORIGAMI Drippers (porcelain and Air), EK grinder, kettle, server, paper (conical and wave), cupping bowl, cupping spoon

・No rehearsals.

・Preparation time: 5 min. Competition time 5 min. at least 150 ml of liquid provided.

・Three judges (cupping judges) will judge and decide the winner by majority vote.

・Tournament system

This year's competition used:Kopikalyan/JAVA / WANOJA:ANAEROBIC HONEY.
Nishio (left) from Kopikalyan Tokyo
A brew bar was set up at the venue, where competitors brewed coffee using the day's recipe with the beans used in the competition and served it to visitors, who enjoyed comparing their brews throughout the event.
Limited edition logo cups for the competition. Purchase a cup and visitor can sample coffee brewed by competitors at the brew bar.
Eighteen people participated in the competition.
Each group of 3 players will compete in 6 preliminary rounds / 2 semi-final rounds, in that order, and the final will be played between the 2 winners and a player chosen by lottery from the losers of the semi-final rounds.
Competitors of all ages, genders, and nationalities, including participants not only from Japan but also from Malaysia, gathered, and their extraction methods varied.
This year's competition attracted special guest judges from Japan and abroad.
【Guest Judge】
Carlos Medina World Brewers Cup 2023 Winner @jotadepicas_
Young World Cup Tasters 2023 Winner @youngsdrip.exp 
Kazuki ShiraishiJapan Brewers Cup 2023 Winner @kazuki_shiraishi_coffee
Wasin Kusakabe / Thai Brewers Cup 2024 Winner@wasynical
Hikaru OnoJapan Brewers Cup 2022 Winner, Owner of Brewman Tokyo@onohikaru1986
Dakota GraffCoffee Director and Green Buyer at Onyx Coffee Lab,4th place at the 2023 Barista Championship, US @dakotagraff
Yasuo SuzukiCEO, TRUNK COFFEE, ORIGAMI Brand Partner@yasuo_suzuki_trunk
Judging in progress.
From left to right: Yoshikuni Tachikawa, Ooi You Bin, Susumu Ishii
The three winners, who were the best out of 18 participants, were presented with gold, silver, and bronze ORIGAMI Drippers, exclusive to the competition, as trophies.
【1st place】Ooi You Bin
【2nd place】Susumu Ishii
【3rd place】Yoshikuni Tachikawa

We later asked the three winners about the extraction recipes they used in the competition.
ORIGAMI CUP TOKYO 2023 Winners' Extracted Recipes

The venue on the day of the event was filled with the enthusiasm of over 100 people, including competitors, judges, and visitors.

We hope that the ORIGAMI CUP will be an opportunity for coffee lovers to expand their community and enjoy coffee more.

The next ORIGAMI CUP is scheduled for next year, so please look forward to it!

Here is the digest of the competition

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