SIBARIST "FAST ORIGAMI S SPECIALTY COFFEE FILTERS" A completely new coffee experience made possible by overwhelming transmission speed


Sibarist is a coffee equipment brand based in Barcelona, Spain.
With the concept of "Extract Your Passion", we are innovating the coffee industry every day.

Their "FAST SPECIALTY COFFEE FILTER" has astonished the coffee industry and made the Sibarist name a household name with its unparalleled transmission speed during extraction.
In 2023, Sibarist presented "The FAST ORIGAMI Special Edition".
The FAST ORIGAMI Special Edition is a new way to approach the ORIGAMI dripper's characteristic high degree of freedom of extraction from a variety of angles.

This time, we would like to introduce "FAST ORIGAMI S SPECIALTY COFFEE FILTERS".
Its greatest feature is its overwhelming transmission speed, enabling completely new recipes.

In specialty coffee, the choice of paper has a significant impact on extraction.

In order to extract the maximum amount of positives from the coffee beans, baristas adjust the grind of the beans and the paper daily.

The most important feature of Sibarist paper is its transmission speed. This prevents the leakage of impurities caused by the paper and the beans, and ensures a clean cup.

In addition, the coffee beans can now be ground more finely and less likely to clog during extraction, making it possible to brew a whole new recipe.

The new "The FAST ORIGAMI Special Edition" offers access to two different extraction methods.

Approach A, which uses cone-shaped paper with grooves in the ribs that characterize the ORIGAMI dripper and allow for extraction of more acidic and cleaner coffee.

Approach B uses a wave-shaped paper that perfectly matches the grooves of the dripper and allows extraction of coffee with more body and firmness.

This approach allows for flexible extraction depending on the mood of the day, the roastiness of the beans, and the type of coffee.

Environmentally friendly materials and packaging

The raw material for our paper filters is 100% plant-based organic material.

The paper filters are produced and processed in a factory in Barcelona.

The packaging used to pack the paper filters is made of compostable and returnable materials.

The package is zippered and sealed.

How to use

1. there are eight deep groove points on the edges of the filter. Using this as a guide, fold the four edges tightly.

2. Place the folded filter on top of the dripper and press gently on the center of the paper to hold it in place.

3. Rinse the filter with boiling water. Pour the boiling water in a circular motion from the center outward so that the filter adheres to the entire wall of the dripper.

From here, there are two options for the A and B approaches described at the beginning of this section.


Brew coffee powder and enjoy it as is.


Use a second ORIGAMI dripper to fill the groove between the paper and the dripper.

Step (B)

1. After completing the previous steps, place the second ORIGAMI dripper into the dripper from the top and gently press it into the dripper.

2. Once the fold is firmly in place, remove the dripper. Make sure that the grooves of the filter and the dripper are tightly adhered.

In approach (B), the second ORIGAMI dripper can be used to fill the gap between the ribs and the paper. By doing this, less water is extracted, allowing the coffee to be brewed with a recipe similar to the immersion method.

Please enjoy each coffee with approach of A and B.

We hope that everyone who enjoys specialty coffee will enjoy this wonderful filter and get the best extraction.

Our greatest respect and gratitude to the Sibarist team for completing such a wonderful product through many trials and errors.

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