Why ORIGAMI's Latte Bowl?
Variation in inner thickness for optimum balance

While the pattern and form of cups tend to attract attention, ORIGAMI also pays attention to the "thickness" that supports quality.

Instead of daring to make the thickness uniform, the thickness is adjusted according to the surface.

For example, the part of the cup that touches the mouth is thin enough to be gentle to the mouth while maintaining strength, while the bottom is thicker to improve strength and heat retention.

Convection structure supporting latte art expression

When you look into the cup, you will notice a smooth curve from the rim to the bottom of the cup. By deliberately not making the cup straight, a "convection structure" is achieved, allowing espresso and milk to mix smoothly in the cup.

This structure supports the creation of contrasting and beautiful latte art.

Furthermore, the appropriate convection allows the espresso to be poured in a way that envelops the aroma, resulting in a cup that is different from anything you have ever experienced.

Handles for any user

The handle of the cup is the key to the operation that supports drink making and latte art expression.

ORIGAMI has purposely designed the handle to be compact in order to make the cup easy to handle and firm to hold, even for small hands.

Even with its compact size, the cup has an excellent sense of stability and does not feel heavy.

It is designed to be easy for customers to hold and drink from.

2024 Spring New Item
Espresso & Milk Beverage Cups

Renewal launch on March 8, 2024

The renewal is based on the body design of the 8oz cup, the most versatile cup in the collection, and the handles of the other 3oz, 6oz, and 10oz cups are all unified with the same design.

The overall design of the collection lineup has been enhanced and a more unified feel has been achieved, making it suitable for stylish use in any shop.

In addition, the old latte bowls had a slightly higher body and deeper bottom, but the new bowls have a flatter body and a wider bore, making it even easier to draw latte art.

[New Color] Matt Navy / Matt Black

Two new colors, matt navy and matt black, have been newly added to the lineup.

The colors are chic enough to fit in with any interior design.

Due to the characteristics of porcelain, it is said that fine scratches on the surface are less noticeable on matte-textured porcelain than on porcelain with a glossy glaze. This is a versatile latte bowl that can be used a lot without worrying about scratches, whether it is used in a restaurant where many customers are served daily or for daily use at home.

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