"ORIGAMI CUP" More delicious, more enjoyable around the world.

Trunk Coffee Bin

Mr. Ooi You Bin recently won the ORIGAMI CUP TOKYO 2023.
As a prize for winning the competition, we invited him to an ORIGAMI factory tour.
In this time, we would like to talk about the winner, Mr. Bin, and the ORIGAMI CUP that is held around the world.
Bin-san is from Malaysia, came to Japan as an exchange student, and is currently attending university in Nagoya.
He has been a barista for 3 years now. He has won the competition with a cup of coffee using his own recipe (as described in the previous article) and paying attention to every detail of the coffee.
We presented the winner, Bin-san, with a tour of the ORIGAMI factory.

The "ORIGAMI CUP" competition has been held in many countries outside of Japan.

So far, it has been held in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Indonesia, and many other countries.

Last year's event in Tokyo was the first official one.

Here is a report on each country where the event has been held in the past.

In Austria, the Viennese Coffee Festival was organized by Belco, a French green bean trading company.


In South America, the event was held in Colombia, Peru, and other green bean producing countries.
In Colombia, the event was held at Famosta Cafe, a restaurant belonging to Cesar, the 20221st place winner of the Colombian Brewers Cup.
You can see the Colombia competition from the link below.
In Peru, Cafe Violet Cafe Lab is holding its annual event in 2022 and 2023 (left).

In Switzerland, SCA Switzerland held the Swiss Coffee Festival 2023. (Right)
More delicious, more enjoyable" all over the world.
The taste of coffee varies depending on the origin, production method, degree of roasting, extraction method, and various other factors.
The "ORIGAMI CUP" event will be a place where participants can interact with each other, discover new recipes, enjoy the differences in bean production areas and roasting methods, and enjoy the appeal of coffee from many different angles under the concept of "more delicious and more enjoyable". I hope this event will be a place where people can enjoy the appeal of coffee from many angles.

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