【New Color Release】Matt Navy / Matt Black


Starting March 8, 2024, new matt navy and matt black colors will be added to ORIGAMI's existing collection.
The matt texture prevents minor scratches on the surface from being noticeable, and the chic coloring blends in with any interior.
Please see the product page for details.

List of products to which new colors will be added
Dripper S
Dripper M
Aroma Cup
Barrel Aroma Cup
Pinot Aroma Cup
Aroma Cup Saucer
Aroma Mug
Barrel Aroma Mug
Pinot Aroma Mug
6oz Latte Bowl
8oz Latte Bowl
10oz Latte Bowl
6/8 /10oz Latte Bowl Saucer
3oz Saucer
6oz Cup
8oz Cup



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