for the best coffee with Barista.

The Pursuit of a more delicious and beautiful cup of coffee is everything for us.

ORIGAMI provides ultimate tools to support baristas in their constant pursuit of the ultimate cup of coffee.


Based on the needs of baristas.
That is why our tools make fantastic coffee.
And beautiful coffee.


Vertical gutters of the dripper stabilize the extraction speed to perfectly extract the flavor of beans.

The vertical gutters of ORIGAMI drippers are designed for the perfect extraction speed - not too quick yet not too slow. Multiple gutters secure the air passage between the dripper and the paper filter which regulates the brew time to enable the extraction with the perfect steaming time.

Porcelain material and cone-shape are perfect for the steaming process.

ORIGAMI drippers are made with Mino Ware which has 400 years of history. Pottery and porcelain have good heat conductivity, and are perfect for the steaming process. Additionally, the perfect "cone-shape" allows ground coffee to be immersed under the hot water for a longer time, absorbing good amount of water. The ground coffee swells fully and aromatically, and enhances the characteristics of the beans to the fullest extent.


The inner thickness is carefully calculated for a delightfully soft touch to the lips.

The inner thickness of cups has not attracted serious attention of the producers until now. If it receives any attention at all, thinner and more even walls are appreciated as the sign of the superior finish. On the contrary, ORIGAMI deliberately alters the thickness of different surface and locations. For example, the part touching the lips are designed to have sufficient strength while offering the delightful touch - not too thick or too thin.

The "convective structure" supports the latte art.

With the smooth curve from the edge of the cup to the bottom, we aim to actualize the “convective structure” enabling espresso and milk to mix seamlessly in the cup. This supports latte art with sharp contrast. Additionally, the right degree of convection allows you to pour coffee while embracing the aroma. Now, you can serve coffee that is a little different from before.

The stable handles perfectly accommodate baristas’fingers.

For baristas, the handles of cups are the key operation assistants in preparing beverages and creating latte art. Deliberately making them small, ORIGAMI creates cups even women with smaller hands can hold firmly with no hassle. They are highly stable despite the small size, and they feel as if they were weightless. The design is also friendly for your customers to hold and drink from.

The design conforms to the specific size defined for baristas’ competitions

The c ups o f specific sizes are used at baristas’ competitions - 90ml for espresso and 180ml for cappuccino. In competitions, not only the flavor and aroma but the quality of the beverage when poured into the cup as well as the preparation process/details/fluid motion are all subject to evaluation. ORIGAMI products are made to such specifications. We sincerely aim at providing products baristas of the world love as their essential partner.

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Cup & Saucer

The variety of 11 colors allows you to fin the perfect choice for your place.

Developed on the request of baristas, cups & saucers of ORIGAMI come with not only the perfect functionality but in sizes and colors for youre stablishments. The wide variety of 11 different colors offers the perfect match to any place from the chic and authentic to the lovelyestablishment for young women. Additionally, they come in thre e sizesof 3-, 6- and 8-ounce to cater to any needs and menus. With ORIGAMI,you can find the perfect set for your place.


Developed in the pursuit of ultimate functionality, the dripper brings out the natural characteristics of coffee beans.

With the vivid colors and vertical gutters, ORIGAMI drippers look just like the name suggests. 20 creases keep the space between the dripper and paper filter to ensure the smooth passage of hot water andextraction at various temperatures. You can also control the extract ion speedhowever you want. Just lik e the cups & saucers, you can pick andchoose from a wide range of colors. The holders to support drippers are made of wood or stainless steel, so choose the right one to suit your establishment. Our drippers accommodate the cone-shaped paper filter.

Aroma mug

Aroma Mugs amplify the“ echo” of aroma and give depth to the flavor.

Based on the silhouette of wine glasses, our Aroma Mugs allows you to enjoy the coffee aroma to the fullest possible extent as the name suggests. The plump body and the narrowing silhouette toward the opening skillfully capture the steam rising from the coffee. When you bring the mug to your mouth and tilt, you will feel as if you were wrapped in the aromatic veil. This is the perfect mug for the connoisseurs who wish to savor the flavor of coffee even more.


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